– Vitiligo is chronic disorder of skin causes depigmentation patches .

– It occurs when melanocytes are not functioning or when it dies.

* Causes : not known


* Symptoms


– Depigmented patches can be seen in sun exposed areas

– Areas rarely shows erythema are : mouth , eyes , navel, nostrils , genitals

– If hair is involved : turns into white colour


* Appearance  pattern


√ Focal – limited to 1 or few areas

√ Segmental – only one side of body

√ Generalized – Different parts are involved


* Treatment


– In some cases , best treatment is the no treatment at all

– Areas are easily sun burned so avoid tanning

– Use sunscreens ( SPF 30)

– Skin should be covered to avoid sun exposure

– Aim of treatment is returning normal pigment or destruction of remaining pigment.


• In children’s


– Aggressive treatment is generally avoided

– Sun screen can be used

– Use Topical corticosteroid

– PUVA is not used until age of 12 years


• Repigmentaion therapy


– Topical corticosteroids can be used for small areas of vitiligo

– It can be used along with some other treatment

– But it  can cause thinning of skin kr Cause stretch mark




– It is an special form of Repigmentaion therapy where psoralen is used for the treatment

– This will make the skin sensitive to light

– Skin is treated with UV light called UVA

– If only smaller area is involved , psoralen can be applied over vitiligo area befor UVA treatment

– Treatment with PUVA has 50 -70 % chances of returning colour to face , trunk, upper arm and legs

– Parts which poorly responds to PUVA are hands and feet

– Treatment is given twice weekly atleast for a year

– It should be given under supervision of dermatologist

– Side effects : sun burn, Freckles or skin cancer

– Eye glasses must be used to prevent risk of  cataract

– PUVA is not used for childrens , pregnant women and feeding women


• Narrow band UVB


– It is a form of phototherapy

– Skin is treated atleast 3 times for few months

– Used in children.


• Grafting : transfer of skin is done


• Depigmentation therapy


– In case of execessive involvement , treatment is to remove remaining pigment of normal skin and depigmenting the full body

– It is done with chemical called hydroquinine.

– It takes about an year and pigment removal is permanent.







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